There are three ways available to purchase Quintology CD's.


1> You can go to Louisiana Music Factory Online and make a purchase from them using your credit card. They're great people, trustworthy and reliable, plus, they really support New Orleans music and musicians. We don't make as much bread this way, but, it might be the safest and most convenient way for you to make your purchase. (Even if you don't want to buy a CD from them, they have a few RealAudio clips of us on their site that you might want to test drive.)

Louisiana Music Factory


2 & 3 > You can fill out a form, and either print it and mail it to us with a check, or, you can submit the form via cyberspace, with your credit card number, and we'll send you your disc(s). They cost fifteen bucks each, and two dollars for shipping. We'll cut you a deal if you buy more than one: you only have to pay the shipping once if they're going to the same address. (What I'm trying to say is: if you order three copies of the new one, and two of the first one, and they're all coming to your house, you should send us 5 x 15, plus 2 dollars.) We make more money when you buy them directly from us, but if you will lose sleep worrying about about the security of our website, than this method might not be for you (although if you want to use a check, this is the way to go).

I want to cut out the middle man!


None of these options appeal to me, I'll just listen to more tracks online!

Give me tracks...