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Here’s the place to get all manner of Quintology promotional items. You can download our entire package, or pieces of it, in Adobe Acrobat format (suitable for printing), high resolution band photos, stage plot/equipment list, a variety of posters (not yet available), and whatever else we can squeeze onto our server. If there’s anything you think we should add, please let the webmaster know.

Package Items


Download the entire Quintology package in ready-to-print Adobe Acrobat Format.

File size: 596 k (This download should take less than 4 minutes with a 28.8 connection.)

Full Quintology Package

Download the Quintology package cover, suitable for framing.

File size: 192k (This download should take around 1 minute and fifteen seconds with your basic modem.)

Quintology Package Cover

If you only have time to read one piece of the package, you should download this.

File size: 26k (<10 seconds)

Quintology Cover Letter

Handy one stop shopping for quotes and happenings.

File size: 34k (<15 seconds)

Press Highlights

Download reviews of the latest CD (we left out mom’s.)

File size: 31k (less than 15 seconds.)

Blues By 5 Reviews

Other interesting articles and snippets from the press.

File size: 35k (<15 seconds)

Quintology Meets The Press width=

Download cute photographs of the boyz, along with interesting biographical morsels. (Find out if Brent's favorite food really is french fries.)

File size (matters): 352k (around 2 minutes 15)

The Quintologists

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High Resolution Photos


Download an 8 x 10

File size: 1 meg
(approximately 6 minutes 15)

8 x 10 A

Another 8 x 10, with hats, on the floor, and very, very happy.

File size: 813k (around 5 minutes)

8 x 10 B

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Stage Plot/Equipment List


Handy Stage Plot

File size: 65k
(25 seconds or so download time)

stage plot

Equipment List
(Charlie’s very picky)

File size: 33k (less than 15 seconds)


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