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February 2003

Thanks so much for staying in touch with the band! Things have been churning along great recently: there’s a bunch of new dates on the calendar, they’ll be at Jazz Fest again this year, and the new lineup is really jelling.

The Quintologists are really happy with how things are feeling at the moment, and apparently they aren’t the only ones. as a number of folks have commented about how much they’re grooving on where it’s going. A somewhat typical comment was heard after a recent gig: “Man, that was definitely the best you guys have ever sounded.” All the Qdudes would like to give their thanks to all of you for staying with them, and supporting their growth and development through all of the changes. For those of you that haven’t heard the new lineup, you really should make it out soon to hear for yourself.

Check back in the next couple of months for some major website overhauls, including new photos, and info on Simon and Coogs.



October 2002


Wow, what a year this has been for the band. There’s been big changes with both Mark and Charlie moving out of town. The band carries on, with two new guys, fantastic drummer Simon Lott, and keyboardist Brian Coogan. The new sound is exciting, and there is a new exergy in the air. The band will be out in San Francisco in November, and is really looking forward to what’s coming up musically. Stay posted!


January 2002

Happy New Year to everybody. We hope you all have a great one, full of music, happiness, fulfilling work and friendships.

Quintology’s pleased to announce they’ll be performing again at this year’s New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Fest on Friday, April 26th, as well as at a festival in France in early September. If you happen to be reading this somewhere in Europe, and would like to have us perform at your club or festival, please contact us (click here). Even if you just have some leads, that could be very helpful to us. As you may have guessed, the biggest problem for us touring in Europe is just getting over there with our gear to begin with, so once we’re there, it would be great to make the best of it!

We’re still working on new material for the next record, and hopefully will be putting some down on wax soon. Individually, the guys have been doing a lot of stuff in the Studio. Brent is appearing soon on a live Have Soul Will Travel CD, as well as on the next Joe Krown solo project. Brian can be heard on a disc coming out this month on Lakefront Digital with Ed Petersen and Jason Marsalis. Charlie is preparing a compilation of some of the tunes he’s recorded solo in the last year, and Tommy and Mark
have been making it happen on a variety of projects (including Have Soul Will Travel, Oliver Bou, Brian Prunka, and others).

Fall 2001

The boys have been busying themselves preparing new music for their next recording which they’re hoping to put down in early ’02. They’ve been experimenting with some more electric sounds, as well as including healthy doses of spontaneous compositions in their live performances. Brian has pulled out the pedal steel, Tommy has sprung the electric bass a couple of times, and Brent has been exploring some unorthodox saxaphonics.

The band would like to push the boundaries of the music without falling over the edge into the fusion realm. Audience members have been commenting on the freshness and the intensity of the places the Qdudes are going. It has been an exciting time for everyone.

Summer 2001
The Big Chill Out

The Quintologists have been laying low while preparing for their big fall push. Brent has been out a little with Gatemouth Brown and the Night Crawlers, and he and Tommy have been putting finishing touches on a some Have Soul Will Travel trackss. Mark and Tommy have done a few dates with Brian Prunka, look for his CD release in September which features these 2 Q-meisters. Mark also made a trip up north to commune with nature and his family and some friends. Charlie has been out touring with Juice. Brian has been at home having sessions, and making the hits with a few different groups, including Bonerama, Ed Petersen, and Denise Mangiardi. Also, he and Tommy have been making it happen at the new Monday Night Jazz Hang at the Stationhouse Grille in the French Quarter.

Brent, Charlie, and Brian will be going on the road with Galactic’s Stanton Moore in September. You can check out Brian’s website for details, as well as some recordings of the group.

Quintology will start hitting it hard again at the end of September, with dates at Snug and the Funky Butt. They also will be finalizing the details and the tunes for their third release which they anticipate tracking late in 2001 or early in 2002.

May 2001
Tommy Sciple, bassist & composer

Quintology is pleased to announce the addition of their newest member, Mr. Tommy Sciple. The band is really excited that Mr. Sciple has decided to become a full fledged member of the group, bringing with him his beautiful tone, wonderful soloing abilities, and excellent compositions.

Mr. Sciple is no stranger to the band, as he has subbed with them on numerous occasions, as well as collaborated on a number of side projects with varied Quintologists. Tommy also holds a Masters Degree from the same university as the rest of the fellows in the group. Tommy is equally adept on the electric and acoustic basses, as well as a fine player of traditional Latin music on the Baby Bass, as testified to by his regular performances with Chevere and Have Soul Will Travel.

Please come out and see for yourself what an exciting addition Mr. Sciple is to Quintology’s music. You can catch him at any of the band’s Jazz Fest appearances, as well as on their Northeast tour (read on... ).

Northeast Tour

Quintology is ecstatic to be hitting the Northeast during the last weeks of May. With three performances in New York City, one of which is at the world renownedKnitting Factory, and other performances in Boston, Connecticut and Philadelphia, this is going to be a great trip for the guys. Please tell your friends in those places to be sure to catch one of New Orleans’ hottest original Jazz groups, or better yet, bring ’em with you! Click here to see the calendar.

April 2001
Jazz Fest Slot

The boys will be appearing this year again in the Jazz Tent on Thursday, May 3, from 1:15 to 2:15. The Thursday in the middle of two weekends has traditionally been a favorite day to hit the fairgrounds for New Orleans locals (both actual and virtual!); The “home team” vibe is unmatched and this should prove to be a great performance for the band. On a related note, the owner of Snug Harbor, the city's premier jazz club, has created a special performance spot for the band at the club, an early set (7 to 8:30) the night before their Fest appearance. Check out the calendar for all their other fest time activities.

WWOZ Compilation CDs

By the way, two of the band’s tunes from last year's Jazz Fest gig made it on WWOZ compilation discs in the last six months. The only way to get one of these gems is to pledge to the station (or borrow a friend’s). However, “Mojave” has been getting some good rotation on the station, so you might catch it if you’re lucky.

March 2001
Extra Curricular Activities

Both Brian and Brent were in the studio recently adding their touches to upcoming Verve Record releases. Brent played on a number of selections for the next Gatemouth Brown release (and has been appearing as a sideman with Gate), while Brian was in the studio for Stanton Moore’s debut disc. He was in good company, as the rest of the band was Chris Wood, Karl Denson, and Skeric. A number of compositions that were tracked were written by Charlie and Brian. Mark got the good news that he will be featured in Modern Drummer’s “On the Move” segment in June.

January 2001
WWOZ Jazz Fest Spotlight Series

WWOZ has been successful in shopping a syndicated four segment series on Jazz Fest 2000 to a number of radio stations. Quintology is proud to have been selected for a small handful of jazz acts that will be featured. More on this when information is available.

November 2000
Jazz South Radio Segment

Quintology is being featured on Jazz South Radio, heard by 4 million folks round the world. The half hour segment includes interview segments with Brady, as well as tracks from “Blues By 5.” Click here to read about this wonderful program presented by the Southern Arts Federation,
and check your local public radio stations to see when it is going to air in your area.

October 2000
Tipitina’s Internet Broadcast

Quintology performed for a live WebCast from Tipitina’s 8th Floor Studio on Monday, October 16, 2000. You can find the show in Tip’s archive along with a lot of other cool stuff. Click here for Tip’s site. A special edition of Charlie Dennard’s “Five O’Clock Charlie” also was featured that day.

You need the Windows Media Player to see and/or hear the Tip's Clips.
(Dear Macintosh brethren, have no fear, Bill has your flavor too...)

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